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Visual CADD™ v7

Visual CADD™ v7 continues TriTools' tradition of powerful drawing tools in a program that is easy to learn and easy to use.  It introduces new features that users have requested, including several new tools, new and improved features of reference frames, text, dimensions, hatches, images, and printing, better import/export of fonts in DXF/DWG, and support for importing and converting latitude/longitude data.

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If you are new to computer design and drafting, think of Visual CADD™ as a two dimensional, or 2D, electronic drawing board that replaces pen and paper with a large palette of tools to do a wide variety of tasks in a more productive way.  If you are using another CAD product and are considering switching to Visual CADD™, please read the bullet points below to see what we offer.


  • Affordable - the cost is reasonable compared with most other programs having the same or lesser set of features.
  • Easy to Learn & Use - an intuitive interface has you drawing productively in a very short time.
  • Fast Performance - Visual CADD™ is resource efficient, with a small footprint on computer resources.  This typically results in fast redraws and file saves.
  • Multiple Command Options - you can use the standard menu items and toolbar buttons, but there are also keyboard shortcuts for most tools and many settings. An example is LS for a Single Line - type it and the tool starts and you are prompted to set the first point.  Shortcuts save time spent navigating with the mouse and increase your productivity.
  • Completely Customizable - All menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts can be customized. You can create scripts to string together command sequences and assign them to function keys (F8, for example).  And you can create Custom Commands to assign the Scripts to menus and toolbars.
  • Powerful - although it is easy to use, Visual CADD™ has several advanced options that add to the basic interface.  It imports and exports XML data, supports OLE Automation, and has a robust Application Programming Interface (API) to allow users and developers to write any number of add-on tools to enhance the software.  A developer or user could for example create a Bill of Materials program or batch files to import and autodraw lines or points.


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